Adrienne Ackerly

Adrienne Ackerly

Vice-President, IT and Client Services


Adrienne is Energy Engine’s technical expert resulting from her 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry where she gained valuable experience in programming, system design and system implementation. Combine that with her 11 years in the retail energy business, it is no wonder Energy Engine client’s place such a high value on Adrienne’s knowledge of their business, coupled with her ability to provide digital solutions to the challenges they face. It’s a perfect background for her role with the Energy Engine. It provides Adrienne with an uncommon ability to understand client needs and translate that need into practical system enhancements.

Adrienne led the development of The Energy Engine in 2009, incorporating features never before available to the energy industry. Today, Adrienne manages Energy Engine’s diverse technology resources, software platform, system architecture and ongoing development projects that continue to put Energy Engine at the leading edge of innovation.

Adrienne’s passion for customer care is well recognized within the Energy Engine community. That passion, along with her outstanding work ethic, are an unbeatable combination in providing Energy Engine clients with the leading e-commerce solution for the fuels industry.

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