Selling Fuel Online? Think Like an Online Shopper!

Before you decide what kind of system you need to sell fuel online, think how you buy online. Over the last 20 years, e-commerce capabilities have dramatically improved, leading consumers to expect so much more from their online experience. Your search needs to find what you are looking for.  You research, check prices, seek answers. You compare other companies. Then, and only then, maybe you are ready to buy.

But for fuel customers, that is just the beginning.  How much should I order? What happens if I order too much? How can I pay? Is there a promotion? When will I get my delivery? How many gallons were delivered? Was I charged correctly? Where’s my history? Will I remember to place my next order on time?

You get the idea! Your prospects and customers are on a journey. They expect your online capability to answer their questions, provide their preferred buying option, interact with them when necessary, and do so without forcing them to talk with anyone in your office. They expect a positive experience at every step of their journey! Your e-commerce platform needs to do all this, and more, for your customers. Give it to them and you win. Disappoint them and they go elsewhere.


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The mission of Energy Engine LLC is to propel the fuel industry into the digital age with a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative learning. We pride ourselves on being an industry thought leader and welcome all questions and feedback.

Going from Search to Satisfaction!

Fortunately, it is easier today to lead your customers on a journey that will meet their expectations and keep them coming back over and over again. Here is the “option list” you need to be effective with e-commerce in today’s consumer market:

The Energy Engine is built to grow your business by taking your customers on a successful journey from search to satisfaction.

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The mission of Energy Engine LLC is to propel the fuel industry into the digital age with a culture of continual improvement and collaborative learning. The Energy Engine has always been the best ecommerce solution available to the industry. Schedule a demo today and learn how to grow gallons and profits.