NPGA 2020 – ‘Will-Call Elevated’ Panel Session

Bringing NPGA To You! Will-Call Elevated Panel Discussion Listen in as three leading voices in the industry (Tedd Jeffcoat, Julia Miller, and our own Mark Stillman) discuss the increasing viability, prominence, and impact of Will-Call customers in the propane market.

Gallons Per Degree Day

Join us for a groundbreaking 45-minute session that will provide needed insight into how to grow gallons despite warm winters. Temperature is only one variable in the fuel profitability equation and likely not the most important. Yet dealers obsess about it and often BET on it… something known in financial circles as “budgeting on hope”. […]

Rethinking Will Call and COD for Heating Oil and Propane

The role of Will Call and Call On Demand (COD) customers has been a hot-button topic in the fuel sales industry for years. In the webinar below, our most attended session to date, we discuss the changing dynamic of these customers, and how fuel businesses can take full advantage of this growing segment of the […]

Are You Ignoring Half of Your Potential Customers?

Industry data shows that half of the fuel oil demand is now bought On Demand. While the traditional Full Service offering remains an important part of our industry’s value proposition, a growing number of consumers are choosing other methods to purchase their home energy. Why ignore them? With usage and margins becoming harder to preserve, […]

Stop The Pain That Comes With Running a Heating Oil Business

Running a heating oil business is tough! Gallons are down. Competition is up. Expenses are increasing. Margins are being squeezed. And now the season is starting out about 12% warmer than last. What’s your plan for the next heating season? Stop your pain now! Learn how companies have adapted their business, are growing their customers, […]

The Myths and Realities of Selling Fuel Online

What Is E-Commerce Really And Why Is It So Important? Depending on who you speak to, selling fuel online can be the best thing to happen to their business in twenty years or the start of the apocalypse! The quotes vary from “e-commerce improved my volume and profits by 30%” to “the last thing I […]

The End Of Will Call And COD – The Emergence Of On-Demand

This informative webinar will teach you about this new category of consumer and how to better manage their growing ranks. Learn how to reach them where they shop, online! Become better educated about available online e-commerce technologies and marketing strategies. Most importantly, learn how to drive down the cost of on-demand customers and the disruption […]

Selling Fuel Online

Actual case studies tell the story. Learn how companies are preserving their full-service customers while adding hundreds of new online customers. If you are frustrated at watching your gallons decline, or your profitability shrink, then this webinar is for you. Grab a cup of coffee and join us for this free fast-paced webinar. It may […]

E-Commerce Fuel Sales – Preserve Full Service Customers and Acquire New Online Customers

Learn how companies are using e-commerce to add new fuel customers, grow their gallons and add to their profits. This webinar is updated continuously with the latest online information, performance metrics, and marketing techniques, plus what it takes to successfully launch and operate an online fuel business. 40 minutes followed by Q&A. Archived Webinar Click […]