Are You Ignoring Half of Your Potential Customers?

February 1, 2018 | By: Energy Engine
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Industry data shows that half of the fuel oil demand is now bought On Demand. While the traditional Full Service offering remains an important part of our industry’s value proposition, a growing number of consumers are choosing other methods to purchase their home energy. Why ignore them? With usage and margins becoming harder to preserve, you really can’t.

Join us for a 45 minute webinar and learn how progressive smart dealers are using online ecommerce to connect with a new breed of fuel consumer to drive up volumes. Online fuel sales is the fastest growing segment of the market, providing coveted new gallons and a shopping experience that sets you apart from your competition. It is the perfect complement to your traditional Automatic business and an important safety net for when warm weather dries up demand and ways to replace it are hard to come by.

Many of our Energy Engine customers are delivering over 1 Million (yes, million) gallons of new business a year through ecommerce with no negative effects to their Full Service brand. And our users GREW their online sales by 35% during this winter that wasn’t! Find out how you can enjoy the same amazing benefits. It’s easier than you think!

Recorded Webinar

Fuel Customers Are Changing Fast

Doctors, lawyers, business owners — in previous years, homeowners with these professions would almost surely be automatic customers. But not anymore. Will call and COD customers are routinely breaking the long-held stereotype of “junk” business. As the homeowner demographic trends younger each year, more and more established, reliable professionals are entering the will call and COD userbase.

Why wouldn’t they? As consumers in general, everyone has become accustomed to online buying. It’s no different for our industry.

Many fuel businesses have held off from engaging the will call and COD market purely based on existing stereotypes and an aversion to change. However, the market has already changed. Businesses staying in those old paradigms are putting themselves at risk to miss the adaption opportunity our industry is craving.

Drivers Of Fuel Customer Change

Fuel businesses are not selling to the same kinds of consumers that our parents were.

Self-determination defines modern consumers. They want to be in the driver’s seat from the second they interact with your brand to after the invoice has cleared. When they aren’t, they’re liable to look elsewhere for a business that provides them that experience.

It is a buyer’s market out there, and too many fuel businesses are not adapting appropriately. By sticking to full reliance on automatic customers, fuel businesses are choosing to stay with the customer base that is stagnating rather than the one which is growing. When fuel businesses embrace catering to the buyer directly, they open the business up to far more



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