How To Grow Gallons When Degree Days Disappear

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!  Yup, it looks like the winter of 2019-2020 will go down as another one that never showed up.  Degree days are anywhere from 10%-20% below normal (whatever normal is these days).  Gallons are down about the same and even more depending on who you talk to including […]

Is Customer Loyalty Possible With Today’s Fuel Customer?

Fuel dealers look for ways to bolster customer retention Let’s face it, your customers are spoiled.  And not just when it comes to buying fuel. Whether shopping for clothes or looking for a new bank, consumers have endless choices literally at their fingertips. It has never been easier to find an alternative to anyone we […]

Customer Acquisition Cost. Measure It Then Reduce It.

Gains and losses.  The lifeblood and barometer for every fuel business.  Embedded within the simple pluses and minuses is a treasure trove of critical information that speaks directly to the health of your business.  Are you growing?  Contracting?  Is your brand strong?  Are your prices optimal?  Is your marketing strategy working?  Does your team effectively […]

The Fuel Customer You Don’t Know

Imagine the world we were living in just a decade ago.   Facebook was still competing with MySpace (who?), Amazon was selling books, and the first iPhone had just been released.  As consumers, the way we shopped for products and services was dramatically different from the way we do it today. We still visited the mall, […]

Evolution of Ecommerce in the Downstream Fuel Industry

E-commerce has impacted the downstream fuel industry in a big way. Fuel customers expect more now than they ever have before and their behavior is constantly evolving. Customers expect their fuel dealers to know them. They expect dealers to be interactive. They expect the ecommerce to be what they are used to — they want […]

Gallons Per Degree Day

Join us for a groundbreaking 45-minute session that will provide needed insight into how to grow gallons despite warm winters. Temperature is only one variable in the fuel profitability equation and likely not the most important. Yet dealers obsess about it and often BET on it… something known in financial circles as “budgeting on hope”. […]

Rethinking Will Call and COD for Heating Oil and Propane

The role of Will Call and Call On Demand (COD) customers has been a hot-button topic in the fuel sales industry for years. In the webinar below, our most attended session to date, we discuss the changing dynamic of these customers, and how fuel businesses can take full advantage of this growing segment of the […]

10 Ways to Make the Most Out of The 2019 NPGA Expo

For Both Attendees and Exhibitors The NPGA Southeastern Convention and International Propane Expo is the propane industry’s largest convention event, and with it comes a load of opportunity. The event hosts more than 3,000 members of the propane industry from marketers to suppliers, from the U.S. and beyond. There is a lot that any exhibitor […]

Online Ordering For Propane Dealers: Why To Sell Online

Selling Propane Online in a New Landscape Times have changed… Think back to 10 years ago. 2009 was a different world. Millennials were just 10 years old, MySpace was still being used, and the iPhone was just coming out. It seems as though the world was in an entirely different century just 10 years ago. […]