The End Of Will Call And COD – The Emergence Of On-Demand

This informative webinar will teach you about this new category of consumer and how to better manage their growing ranks. Learn how to reach them where they shop, online! Become better educated about available online e-commerce technologies and marketing strategies. Most importantly, learn how to drive down the cost of on-demand customers and the disruption […]

Selling Fuel Online

Actual case studies tell the story. Learn how companies are preserving their full-service customers while adding hundreds of new online customers. If you are frustrated at watching your gallons decline, or your profitability shrink, then this webinar is for you. Grab a cup of coffee and join us for this free fast-paced webinar. It may […]

Rethinking Acquisitions: How Ecommerce Is Changing The Way You Gobble Up Competitors

Acquisitions have always been a mainstay for dealers looking to quickly expand market share. Traditionally, this strategic tool has delivered new customers and revenue without the time and uncertainties associated with organic growth. Buying competitors allows for turnkey impacts, access to new consumers, and economies of scale when done properly. Financing these purchases could be […]

How Fuel Dealers Can Create Hope For The Future

Are we part of the unlucky generation? Or is there a way forward? It’s inspiring when a single moment can capture a long-standing, complex situation and make it instantly clear. In the span of a few minutes, everything comes into focus. All the important elements are distilled down to the most relevant. It is from […]

E-Commerce Fuel Sales – Preserve Full Service Customers and Acquire New Online Customers

Learn how companies are using e-commerce to add new fuel customers, grow their gallons and add to their profits. This webinar is updated continuously with the latest online information, performance metrics, and marketing techniques, plus what it takes to successfully launch and operate an online fuel business. 40 minutes followed by Q&A. Archived Webinar Click […]

E-Commerce & E-Marketing – A Marriage Made in Cyberspace

E-commerce is being used successfully by energy companies to grow their businesses by acquiring new customers, building market share and retain customers, but what does it take to market an e-commerce business? What does it cost? What types of e-marketing works? How do you do it? What’s the ROI? How do you measure the effectiveness? […]