John Vrabel

John Vrabel

President and CEO

John is a recognized energy industry expert in the use of e-commerce to attract, engage and retain energy customers; improve operational efficiency for energy companies; and increase margins and profitability in the process.

With a career-long business development background, John has built sustainable businesses for companies ranging from small, family-owned companies to international, publicly-traded market leaders in industries from consumer-packaged goods and snack foods to home services, electricity, natural gas and downstream fuels. His uncommon ability to understand the changing tastes and motivations of consumers, balanced with the business and operational objectives of companies, has allowed John to succeed where others have floundered.

John’s internet background dates to the nineties, when the internet was just beginning to be adopted by mainstream consumers. Working for a major Mid-Atlantic utility, the internet presented an opportunity to better serve their million+ customers and to also attract new customers to their competitive businesses. This early internet experience, including the many mistakes made along the way, created a solid knowledgebase upon which to grow. In 2000, when John was recruited to launch a publicly-funded e-commerce business developed to sell fuel online, he was already years ahead of the industry… but not the consumer. Homeowners, by the tens of thousands, responded to the transparency and convenience that e-commerce delivered for their fuel needs.

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