Energy Engine Roundtable Topics

Have Your Voice Heard.

These roundtables will be a collaborative discussion among all in attendance.

After opening introductions and general remarks, we may dive into any (or none) of the following topics.

New Cloud Infrastructure

See the new system behind the Energy Engine (and how it benefits YOU)

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and why we selected this as our future environment

The power of Public Cloud

Formal Google and Energy Engine Partnership to roll out in 2021

The Energy Engine
Product Roadmap

Enhancement process

Strategic vs. Customer Enhancements

One-Click Order app

New Engine Modules on the horizon

New Team Members

Strengthening our team to improve quality of service

Cloud architect and technology leader

Client Services


Introducing Zendesk

See our improved and automated software support system

As we grow, a need for more responsive and organized support has emerged

Allows easy ticket creation by clients

Full visibility into ticket progress

Holding ourselves accountable