You Have The Power To Make The Weather “Colder“

February 1, 2018 | By: Energy Engine
Categories: Webinars

Join us for a ground breaking 45 minute session that will provide needed insight about how to grow gallons despite misbehaving warm winters.

Temperature is only one variable in the fuel profitability equation and likely not the most important. Yet dealers obsess about it and often BET on it… something known in financial circles as “budgeting on hope”. Why gamble on Mother Nature? Fuel dealers have the ability to make it colder. Sounds crazy but after seeing this webinar you will learn how to do it.

How It Works:

Gallons per Degree Day is a crucial but overlooked metric that you should always be measuring. It is the only true indicator of weather impacts, growth, and attrition. There are only two ways to increase Gallons per Degree Day: it is really cold or you sell more gallons. But if it’s mild, how do you sell more gallons when your high value automatic customers are obviously burning less?

The answer is the growing number of consumers buying their fuel “On Demand”. Capture new gallons from a segment of the market many dealers are ignoring (even though it makes up 50% of demand). Incremental growth has the same effect as a dropping temperature.

Did you know this winter was only 10% colder than last year’s disaster? And yet our Engine clients delivered 73% MORE online gallons! Because they learned how to make it colder.

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