Web Services

You will need the three components listed below to set-up your Energy Engine website.


Your web domain is your company’s asset, so the registration and ownership should be yours and yours alone! We can guide you in the selection and purchase of an appropriate URL/Domain. Costs vary, but should be less than $20/yr.

Security/SSL Certificate

Generally purchased from your domain registrar (i.e. GoDaddy.com). We can assist, if needed. A basic security certificate is all that is necessary. Cost should be less than $80/year.

Email Address

You’ll need one e-mail address for customer care e-mails. Cost is generally less than $50/year and can be most conveniently obtained from your domain registrar.

GoDaddy is the industry leader and has proven to be the most popular source with Energy Engine clients. Please consult with Adrienne for guidance on their various products and appropriate cost.

Have questions?

The mission of Energy Engine LLC is to propel the fuel industry into the digital age with a culture of continual improvement and collaborative learning. We pride ourselves on being an industry thought leader and welcome all questions and feedback.